Manasteriotti DS works on selected branding projects with creative clients who value expertise, dedication, attention to detail and personal communication. 

Igor Manasteriotti — Art Director, BFA Graphic Design

Igor was born in 1977 in Zagreb. With both parents being architects he was hanging around their studio from the early age, immersed in drawing, watercolors and collage. In 1987 he moved to Moscow, Russia where he learned the language and spent next seven and a half years calling it home. Moscow is where he first found out about graphic design starting with design of high-school posters and yearbooks. Graphically simple, constructivist style of visual communication heavily influenced his design development. In 1996 he graduated from the Anglo-American High School of Moscow.

After years of preparation, he was accepted to the renowned Rhode Island School of Design choosing graphic design as his major. After graduation he returned to Zagreb gaining valuable experience in one of the best creative agencies in the region — Bruketa&Žinić OM. Excelling in visual and corporate identity design, in 2006 he was promoted to the position of Art Director of Brandoctor, the first branding agency in Croatia (partner agency of B&Ž). Focusing on brand development allowed him to specialize in visual identity and product packaging, rebranding some of the largest Croatian brands in the process. After four very productive years at Brandoctor, it was time to get out on his own. In late 2010, together with graphic designer Mia Marić he forms Manasteriotti∞Maric studio. As of 2016 studio is known as Manasteriotti DS.

In his career spanning seventeen years Igor art directed projects for large national clients from diverse industries, such as: Hypo-Alpe-Adria Bank (banking), Osijek Brewery (alcoholic beverages), Lantea Group and Tekstilpromet (textiles), FINA (finance), TDR (tobacco), Adris (investments), Froddo (footwear), Kraš (food), Tele2 and Terrakom, (telecommunications), Cromaris (fishery), one2play (toy distribution), Maistra (tourism), Croatian Chamber of Commerce (business), Produkti Pitania (food), Arabesca (coffee), Storm (motor oil), etc.

He's a professional member of Croatian Designer's Society, Croatian Freelance Artists Association and a RISD alum.

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Ana Valjak — Designer, BFA Graphic Design

Ana was born in 1991 in Zagreb and from early age she had an affinity towards drawing and editing. Exploring the artistic world around her set her to choose her life path in the creative industry. In 2010 she enrolled at Zagreb Faculty of Graphic Arts to study graphic design. 

Throughout her college years Ana spent volunteering; three years in an international student organization BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) where she worked in many fields, including design. She decided to take the opportunity of the Erasmus mobility program, which enabled her to live and study abroad as well to see how other cultures treat design. In 2014 she spent six months in Porto, studying at ESAD College of Art and Design. Ana discovered that creating visual identities were part of her close interest in the design field, but still wanted to try out different aspects of the design field. She worked as a freelancer designing logos, magazines, posters, etc. In May 2015 she was a volunteer at the biggest design event in Croatia Tjedan dizajna (Design Week), after which she went to study visual communication in Tallinn, at the Academy of Fine Arts. Upon returning to Zagreb she was inspired to finish her Masters Degree, working on a visual identity project for a restaurant brand. At the same time, to boost her knowledge and skills, she decided to look for an internship in a design studio where she could start working on real-world projects. She met Igor at a 2015 Behance Portfolio Review receiving the Behance Coin for the best portfolio. They kept in touch and a year later she started her internship at Manasteriotti DS. Recognizing her talent, Ana was invited to join the team as a designer six months later.

Mia Marić — Contributing Art Director, BFA Graphic Design

Mia was born in 1983 in Zagreb. Her creative nature was evident from a very young age — she loved sewing, painting and creating paper sculptures. It was no surprise that she enrolled and graduated from Zagreb School of Architecture, Faculty of Design beginning her graphic design career at Zagreb-based Futura DDB agency. Soon she joined the Brandoctor team as a designer, working with Igor on clients from a wide variety of industries. Three years later, Igor and Mia decide to become partners, forming studio Manasteriotti∞Marić (M∞M).

Pursuing her long-time interest in fashion, Mia develops CLOX — first brand of stilettos with fully-functional clocks. CLOX quickly becomes a full-time M∞M project, combining brand strategy, graphic design, photography, advertising, social media and PR to create a truly original shoe, hand-made in a family-owned factory. CLOX has since been featured in over seventy domestic and foreign publications and is being sold in numerous stores in Croatia, as well as online. In 2016 Mia decided to focus more of her time developing the CLOX brand. M∞M studio was renamed as Manasteriotti DS, with Mia serving as contributor on per project basis.

Mia's specialties lie in fashion design, packaging development and creative direction of editorials and image campaigns. 

In her career she worked on following notable regional clients: Vedrini (snacks), Arabesca (coffee), Osijek Brewery (alcoholic beverages), Deltron (air-conditioning), McDonald's (food), as well as numerous smaller clients from a wide variety of industries.

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