CLOX Shoes

Clox is the first brand of stilettos with working clocks. They're a unique brand of leather stilettos featuring custom made clocks, conceived and designed by Mia Marić and produced in a family-owned shoe factory. The stiletto-clock concept was conceived by the idea of merging time and footsteps. It tells the story of haste and movement while also keeping time.

Since this was a M∞M funded project, we had completely open hands with regards to production and branding. All steps were followed: brand strategy, naming, visual identity development, professional campaign photography, PR, posters and catalogues, social media integration, etc. This is the way every new brand should start its life, but clients often skip some steps to cut costs. Since inception, CLOX has been featured in over seventy domestic and foreign publications and is being sold in numerous stores in Croatia, as well as online. In 2016 Mia became fully focused on developing the CLOX brand.

Creative Direction, Art Direction and Design: Mia Marić

Clox Cake Collection

Clox Cake Collection Campaign

Amazing photographs by Mladen Šarić managed to capture a perfectly imperfect CLOX moment. A moment when a modern Master of Time surrenders herself to small passions of life, losing track of time, and ground under her feet. Showing a somewhat surreal view of stilettos and clock hands constantly racing with time, photos depict a woman that CLOX shoes were made for - a creative rebel who knows what she wants and uses time in her favor.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mladen Šarić, ART DIRECTION: Mladen Šarić, Mia Marić, MAKE UP: Simona Antonović, HAIR: Milena Maršić, PHOTOGRAPHER ASSISTANT: Maja Kljaić, MODEL: Nikolina Rak/Talia Model-Colors

Clox Passion Fruit Campaign

Clox woman is never lost. Even when she wanders into The White Forest, she uses her intuition to find the very tree rich in juicy fruits of fashion. Passion Fruit Collection is nothing but a reflection of herself - uninhibited, independent, different. It's made for women who always choose to take the hidden path and dare reach for the forbidden fruit.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Mladen Šarić  ART DIRECTION: Mia Marić MODEL: Martina Marinić

Making of Passion Fruit Campaign

Clox Summertime Collection Campaign

Summertime is the first Clox summer collection, quite special in that it consists of a sandal and a watch, which can be taken off the shoe and worn separately as a necktie or a wristwatch.

The new campaign, shot inside the Museum of Arts and Crafts, tells a summer adventure story about a passion for shoes and watches. It features a girl possessed by her desire for shoes sneaking into the Museum at night in an attempt to steal the Clox sandals on display. Her plan is foiled by the night guard who catches her and tries to remove the precious loot from her feet. However, she gets possessed by the beauty of the sandals as well! Giving in to their passions, both girls start their Summertime adventure, diving in a heap of Clox candy boxes and merrily exploring the new models together.

Photography and post production: Jelena Balić
Photo assistant: Nina Šturlić
Hair stylist: Mijo Majhen
Hair assistant: Andjela Ursić
Make up: Ivana Zečić
Models: Dora Sabljić & Elitsa Mateva
Art direction: Manasteriotti∞Maric, Jelena Balić

Making of Clox Summertime Collection

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