Šimić Fruit Schnapps

We've been working with a Croatian producer of high-quality rakija (fruit schnapps), helping him redesign its visual identity and a complete line of flavors.

The competition on the shelves of well-known supermarkets is fierce and having a good product is not enough, especially if you're a small producer. If your brand can't immediately impress and communicate its excellence, supermarket product managers won't accept it. This was the problem mr. Šimić had when he came to us. His top-notch product wasn't taken seriously. We simplified his logo, changed the bottles and gave the labels a complete makeover. Elegant typography and saturated pictures of fruit on quality white paper provide associations of quality and clean, well-distilled flavour. Gold foil-stamping was used to add a touch of excellence to the label.

Once all four flavors hit the shelves it was great to hear his happy voice saying sales were finally up and his product accepted into stores with more ease. Made from 100% fruit and containing no additives or preservatives — twelve bottles we received from him as a gift did not last long.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and Design: Mia Marić, Igor Manasteriotti

Gold foil-stamping was used to add a touch of excellence to the label

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