Vëldoff Jewelry

Vëldoff is a brand specializing in Pearls – Launching Summer 2015.

Vëldoff (pronounced veil-d-of) is a coined word inspired by the elegance of each letter in flair with one another. The founders developed the concept of Vëldoff following an active search for the perfect pair of pearl earrings. Having a busy lifestyle and wanting an everyday polished look, both would continually lose or break their pearl earrings. It proved impossible to get a pair that had a versatile backing to fit ones routine, casual to luxurious. To solve the problem they created Vëldoff, characterized by brilliant Vëldoff pearls. More at www.veldoff.com

Round packaging was a challenging task, but we wanted the box to follow the gentle round lines of pearls. Orange-copper paper was selected to make the brand fresh and memorable, with the logotype pressed in copper foil. We're proud that the packaging will be produced in Croatia for a world wide clientele.

When we started working on their identity, we immediately recognized the great name and wanted it to stand out with dignity. Trying out different logo directions we agreed that the two dots above the letter Ë were perfect pearl symbols. Anything else unnecessarily cluttered the identity. The dots are used in a light pattern throughout the packaging.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Marić
Box Production: Kartonaža Blagec

Technical drawings

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