Villa Dalmatina

Hotel Villa Dalmatina is a brand new, adults-only hotel located in Bol at the Island of Brač, Croatia and it is specifically designed for those travelling without children. The 4-star Villa Dalmatina is situated in the beautiful natural setting and it is the perfect place for a relaxing holiday.  

They needed a visual identity that would potray tradition, relaxation, passion and romance. We chose to use the symbol of the lion, found in the crest of Dalmatia region as well as in the city of Bol, where the Villa is located. Combining the lion face with the stylized sun rays created an inviting symbol of summer with a hint of mysticism.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and design: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Marić
Architecture and interior design: Krešimir Crnković
Print: Cerovski Print Boutique

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Exteriors and Interiors

 Villa Dalmatina - apartment kitchen

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