Memobox Exhibition

We were commissioned to design the concept for MEMOBOX—an exhibition commemorating fifty years of ethnography in Istria. It would take place in a pictoresque museum situated in the castle of a small Istrian town of Pazin.  

To get younger generations into museums, the spaces these days have to be visually attractive and conceptual. Gone are the days of plain glass shelves placed in a row. This exhibition needed to be fun and interactive.

The idea behind MEMOBOX was to create a space that reminded of a small Istrian white-stone village, where the visitors would have to walk around and discover the exhibits for themselves. They would have to look up, crouch down, look inside the boxes and behind them, as anything could be of importance. Additionally, the exhibits in storage are kept inside boxes so that was a nice connection as well—get them out of boxes, show them to the world.

Green is the brand color of Istria and the bright hue was chosen to liven up the dull interiors and to make exhibits really stand out. Exhibition included a projector, computer screens, backlit photographic boxes and a large wall chalkboard for visitor messages.

After designing the concept of the exhibition space and visual identity, we actually moved our office here for a week before the opening to make sure everything goes as planned.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art direction and design: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Marić
Architectural support: Ivo and Ljiljana Manasteriotti

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