Arboretum Pub

Arboretum — a place where trees or shrubs are cultivated for their scientific or educational interest. They also cultivate good food, good mood and music, excellent burgers and beers and above all, friendships.

The pub had a decent logotype but an incoherent identity. It simply wasn’t taking advantage of their interesting name and a wonderful story. Arboretum pub boasts a lovely garden which allows its guests to eat on wooden platforms surrounded by beautiful olive trees. This unique strength wasn’t communicated in the branding.

In discussions with the new owner we decided to keep the existing logotype since it was quite recognizable and had some brand equity around it. Solution was to create custom illustrations around it which would form the basis of their new identity system and unite the logotype with brand collateral. Combinations of geometric trees, roots, leaves, burgers, glasses and bottles are featured in all identity materials for the 2019 season. Executed in a hand-drawn style to show natural, relaxed atmosphere of this popular Istrian restaurant, the identity is contemporary, fun and quirky. Color system is kept simple, only black and white, printed on recycled paper. This allows the identity to blend in well within the surrounding and keeps the budget to a minimum while being very effective.

Our collaboration continues as we implement the new identity in the restaurant’s interiors, website, social media presence, etc.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction, Design, Illustration: Igor Manasteriotti
Photography: Igor Manasteriotti and Mia Maric

Logo concept

Menu cover


Tableware mat



Port9 olive oil souvenir bottle

Facebook profile and cover picture


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