Black Radler Beer, 0.5l glass bottle and can

Osječko 1664

Osječka pivovara is the first Croatian Brewery, founded in 1697. Their leading beer is Osječko 1664, the year of the oldest found beer recipe. We designed their crest and beer labels for multiple products. 

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art direction and design: Igor Manasteriotti


Osječko Winter Edition Beer

Osječko pivo (Osijek Beer) asked us to design a winter holiday edition of their beer, packaged in small, 0.25l bottles. We used a simple neck label design to make the bottle resemble a Santa Claus. The usual bottle label was printed in red color. This small intervention retained their identity while adding winter flair. This design was so well accepted by the customers it's being reprinted every year since 2011. Osječko pivo is the first Croatian Brewery, founded in 1697.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti
Photography: Domagoj Kunić

Black Radler Beer, 0.5l aluminium can

The Dieline Feature
Lovely Package Feature
Boxed And Labelled Two Book

Osječko Black Radler Beer

Black Radler is a lovely blend of dark beer and lemon juice and one of the most popular radlers in Croatia. Its actually the only dark beer and lemon blend in Croatia. We wanted the design to portray the cool, dark, smooth taste. The yellow colour of lemons with green leaves provided a stark contrast to the dark black aluminum can, while silver elements added a touch of sophistication and freshness.  For the summer of 2013, Osijek Brewery added a 1l PET bottle to the line of its popular Black Radler Beer. We adapted our design (featured on 0.5l glass bottle and 0.5l aluminum can) to the new plastic bottle. Osječka pivovara is the first Croatian Brewery, founded in 1697.


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