County Branding

Visual identity for Virovitica-Podravina County, one of 21 Croatian counties, with around 95000 residents. In 2013 they approached us to help them with their branding.

Projects like this, as great as they are, are never easy, as they're supposed to represent people of all ages, education levels, beliefs, social status', etc. Nevertheless, they are necessary, because Counties are attempting to attract new investors, and need to clearly portray their values. The Virovitica-Podravina County is one of the few Croatian Counties that recognized a need to improve their brand image.

The design process undertook the usual four phases, consisting of research, synthesis, design and implementation. The research helped us create an inspirational story about the County as the place of connection, not division, that connected nature, lands, regions and people for centuries. Even the name Virovitica, which according to historical interpretations means "little door" seems to invite everyone to enter, to discover it, feeling welcome, as if coming home. It's not surprising that the residents are such warm and kindhearted people, hospitable and social, whose doors and hearts are always open to all visitors. 

From there, a slogan "Doors wide open" was created, while the new logo communicates this story through a very simple, recognizable symbol that acts as the basis of the County's visual identity. It portrays a wide open door, through which wheat fields and a rising sun can be seen. Warm colors, apart from the friendly connotations, additionally communicate the tradition of sugar and honey production, for which the County is known for.

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti, Mia Marić
Architectural support: Ivo Manasteriotti, MSc of Architecture and Urban Planning
Print by Cerovski Print Boutique, Stega Tisak

Logo, stationery system and souvenirs

Stationery System
Business card closeup

Exhibition stand at Viroexpo

Loyalty card
Store signage

Logo animation

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