Lunch Visual Identity and Packaging

Lunch is a delivery and daily restaurant service, based in Zagreb, Croatia, specialized in nutritious workplace meals. Headed by nutritionist Jelena Tomić, their meals are tasty, nutritionally balanced packets of happiness that arrive to the desks of many clients, many of whom come from the IT sector, advertising agencies and law offices.

For people working in the office, lunchtime is one of the most looked-forward to moments of the day. Sometimes the office atmosphere is dull, sometimes the workday is hard. This is why Lunch delivery had to be a happy experience. The concept for Lunch visual identity was strongly based on the idea of balance. When your life is in balance, life is good. That's why we designed a simple black and white logotype hovering above a symbol of perfectly balanced scale. The packaging is colorful, designed to bring some joy into the workspace environment, with an optimistic but subtle two-tone color system. The pattern of graphic shapes symbolize the flow of nutrients – the same shapes were used to make a set of icons for the web and food specification stickers. 

Apart from the visual identity, we designed their packaging, stationery system, paper bags and delivery boxes, and various small items such as staff shirts and cooking aprons. We didn't design their website

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art direction and design: Igor Manasteriotti
Design and photography: Ana Valjak
Food styling and photography: Jelena Tomić and Ivan Krželj (Lunch)

Logo concept
Hemp oil line
Logo on bottlecap
Back label detail
Label printing at Etikgraf, photos by Mia Marić

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