Muze (Muses) is a Croatian consultancy and project management agency in culture and cultural tourism. They are the creative team behind well-known projects such as the House of Batana in Rovinj and Ogulin, Homeland of Fairytales.

Uniting expertise from the areas of protection of cultural properties and museology, cultural policies and cultural tourism with skills in creative cultural and heritage management, Muses are acting as a partner to local communities, art, culture and tourist organizations and institutions, as well as non-government organizations. Company activities include: high-quality programming, planning, implementation, efficient management and promotion of diverse projects in the domains of culture and cultural tourism.

They needed a strong visual identity which would effectively showcase their wide variety of amazing projects. In the design of the logotype we focused on the museum as a symbol of culture. Using a lowercase letter m with forms resembling columns, we reinterpreted it into a symbolic house of Muses. The arches in the letter m are friendly, inviting, serving as the metaphorical sanctuary for arts and sciences. Red was chosen to represent their passion and dedication to the field — these ladies love their work and it shows. 

Custom designed collateral, personalized business cards, envelopes and stickers (they can use to liven up the identity for special occasions) were produced to communicate the visual story to their clients. More at

Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti
Printing: Kreativni tisak
Office door sign: Print Studio
Collateral Photography: Ana Valjak
Portrait Photography: Domagoj Blažević

Central Logotype
Loyalty card

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