High-quality design is a direct result of research, strategy and hard work. Talent and inspiration comes at the end. 

1. Research

Before any design work begins we need to get to know our client. We do this by finding out as much as we can about you, your company or your product through a series of interviews or questionnaires. We learn specifics about your industry, target consumers, check out what your competition or category is doing, analyze their strengths and weaknesses. This information is then combined with a project brief we received from you. 

2. Synthesis

After collecting all the information we make our own internal creative brief which helps us find a unique visual story for the new brand. We create mood-boards, discuss possible directions and benchmark concepts.

3. Design

This is the phase where lots of sketching happens. We explore different design directions and select two most appropriate ones for further on-screen refinement. This part takes a minimum of two weeks — it's important to view the proposals repeatedly over a period of days to see if they hold up.

Once we're satisfied with our proposals we make a detailed presentation of concepts with visualisations on promotional materials (such as the stationery, livery, website, packaging, etc. — based on client's needs). Every single design decision is meticulously explained — we never make thoughtless decoration.

4. Presentation

There are three ways we present our visual concepts. Our preferred way is in person, in our studio, where we can show and discuss our ideas on a large screen. If we're working with international clients, we can arrange a Skype call/videocall. If none of these options are possible, we can send a PDF presentation to the client by e-mail and wait for feedback. Our presentations are always simple and straight to the point. 

5. Implementation

A new visual identity or packaging concept may look great on a computer screen, but to make it a true, long-lasting investment it needs to be well implemented. This important process begins after you approve a proposed concept. It involves close collaboration and communication with production contractors (print shops, sign makers, architects or interior designers, web designers, copywriters, programmers, photographers, stylists, etc.). We're well connected with the best production contractors in the business, which means we can get you their quotes quickly, make sure they receive the necessary briefing and correct production files as well as go to press checks to make sure that all brand materials look their best. We stand behind our work and want the best possible output. 

Implementation phase is an ongoing process and an integral part of building your brand. For your brand to become visually recognizable, consistency is key. That means treating every application — from business card, brochure or a website to livery, office branding or hotel wayfinding system — with care and attention to detail. Always insist on best treatment of all your materials. We can help with that.

6. Support

After your brand is launched we would love to become your long-term partners and take care of all your brand's visual needs.

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