Nimbus Pens

Nimbus is an industry leading portable essential oil vaporizer that is pushing the envelope on innovation and setting a new standard for stylish design, and providing the most luxurious vaping experience.

Designed in California, it features precision temperature control, LED indication system, redesigned airflow circuit make Nimbus the most advanced portable essential oil vaporizer on the market. We were commissioned to fix up their existing visual identity, create suitable packaging and develop a website.

At the start of the project all the client had was a logo, with the product still in development phase. The logo wasn't quite right but they didn't want to change it so we fixed the font and proportions, improving the lockup as much as possible. Next, we created custom packaging for the product. For the user manual we made informational line-art illustrations. In projects like this, high quality visuals of the product are an absolute must, so we helped them make beautiful 3D renders of the vaporiser in all the necessary positions. To finish off our part of the project, we designed their desktop and mobile website.

Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti
3D Modelling: Null Studio
Web Production: MovemSlicejack

Logotype before and after

Product renderings

Instruction manual illustrations

Illustrations developed for the user manual


Responsive website

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