Vetturelli Sponsorship Architectures

Vetturelli consulting is a multiple award-winning company providing strategic counsel in sponsorships, headed by Dijana and Viktor Vetturelli.

Sponsorship is a unique way to connect with all stakeholders, give meaning to your company’s mission statement and achieve one or maybe both of the two categories into which all marketing objectives fall: changing perception or target markets behaviours around your company/brand. Being in the sponsorship business over a decade, Vetturelli's gained experience working in multiple international markets which increased their ability to enhance innovation and create simple authentic strategies. Each of their sponsorship strategies can be described through the following five terms ― focus, synergy, sense, integration and legacy.

Their new visual identity had to be strong and professional but dynamic as well. Vetturelli name, being so vibrant and recognizable, needed to visually remain as simple as possible. Connecting the two T letters created a bridge/pedestal symbol, subtly filling the identity with meaning. The double T icon can be used separately for social media profile pictures, avatars, etc. Off-red color was kept as a legacy to their previous identity, providing warmth to the design. Printed materials are combining red, white and silver colors, creating an interesting rhythm with their simple and understated identity.

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Agency: Manasteriotti DS
Art Direction and Design: Igor Manasteriotti
Print: Kreativni tisak d.o.o.
Office Sign Production: Print Studio


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